Aristocats Feline Day Spa is fully booked for this year and into next. Any new enquiries will be added to our waitlist and will be contacted on a weekly basis if or when any appointments become available. Please state in your enquiry if you would like a single, Non Member appointment or if you would like to join our Monthly or Bi-Monthly membership program and have your cat's grooming needs maintained all year round.


What other club members say…

We are absolutely raving converts to the benefits of cat grooming, after our cat visited for his very first professional cat groom. Now I have to admit I was a little concerned about how our cat would handle the grooming and blow-dry, I was worried he might freak out a bit. He is a big boy, his own boss and a real cuddle monster – but inside, a big soft scaredy cat! I have since learnt that I was worried over nothing! Our cat LOVED the attention and they knew exactly how to handle him and make him feel comfortable.
Coming home after his groom – he pranced around like a show pony (he is 12kg) as his Mum and Dad  admired, kissed and cuddled his beautiful long coat. OK…. yes I am a proud Mum (I might even own up to being a crazy cat lady)
Our cat looks awesome, smells great and there seems to be less fur on my clothes and couch. Thank you we LOVE the results and will be back..




As a vet I see a number of conditions that can be identified, helped or prevented through proper professional grooming. Problems with matting, ears, eyes, skin and parasites are some of the conditions that we are presented with on a frequent basis and can often be improved through regular grooming. …

Having both your dog and cat groomed regularly is important for their health and general well-being. Short, medium and long-haired dogs and cats can all benefit both physically and mentally from being groomed regularly.

We have our own cats groomed by the incredibly professional and skilled Aristocats and have seen the amazing results in how they look and feel and recommend their services with confidence.


“Dr. Joshua”


I was one of those owners that thought that there was no way my cat could ever be groomed due to her feisty attitude she has had since she was young and also questioned whether there would be a point to it since she was short haired.

Over the years her hair went a little oily and she was losing so much hair due to her not grooming herself as much. Since she was 9 I have been taking her into the work, as I am a vet nurse, getting her sedated and giving her a lion clip twice a year.

When I heard about Aristocats cat grooming I was still skeptical. The lovely team offered to groom my cat to show me that my cat was able to be groomed without sedation.

When I took her in, I also sent a warning along with her that she probably will bite, scratch and flip out. I was worried she would hurt someone.

I awaited the phone call telling me that she was unable to be groomed but never received one. When I picked her up she was absolutely beautiful. Her coat was so smooth and soft, no more oily look and a lot less hair dropping in the weeks that followed. I was also shown video of her during her bath and was shocked to see her sitting calmly and well behaved. I was in shock. I will always send my cats now for their grooming needs and cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful team.



Here at our cat rescue we come across many cats and kittens with all types of coats, and often they are in poor shape. Thanks to Aristocats, they no longer need to be, as we can now take them there for cat grooming.

We have a variety of mascot cats, but our Maine Coon and our Persian cross have long coats and so are their regulars.  Whenever we have a special occasion when they are out in the public, like our shopping centre displays or charity cat shows, we take them for their grooming session. Both love going there and come back feeling soft, smelling lovely and most importantly, happy and relaxed!!! The amount of compliments they receive on their beautiful coats is a testimony to the fantastic job done.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job and making our boys so beautiful!!



There are not enough words to describe how fantastic the wonderful staff are with my beautiful fur baby, from the moment I first stepped in store.

They treat Yoda so nicely & shower him with love every time. I am a much happier pet owner for less hair & damage to the house (because of the wonderful nail caps) & Yoda is a much happier cat

I don’t know what we ever did before we found you!


“Zoey Mitchell – Yoda” 

I recently adopted a six year old blue Persian cat named Delilah. She had a rather rough start to her life so I wanted to make sure I was providing her with the best care for her coat and breed.

Having never owned a long haired cat before I first went for advice. I was immediately (a rather nervous owner) at ease – All the staff are amazing – they provide helpful, caring, and knowledgeable advice. I know when I leave Delilah there for her regular long hair groom she will be well cared for by people that know and love what they are doing.

She and I try our best to keep her coat in good condition but it is no comparison to what these guys can do! When I pick up Delilah post groom she looks and smells amazing! It’s almost like she knows she looks as cute as a button Her coat is positively glowing, soft as silk and if it is even possible she looks even more Persian.

It’s the attention to detail that keeps me going back. The regular grooms make her long coat so much more manageable for me between visits. Just like human hair I believe the regular maintenance is constantly improving her coat! My vet was even amazed at how much her coat had improved after just a few visits. She just looks so much more content.

I would highly recommend these guys for all cat grooming needs and am just so glad I stumbled across their service.


“Rebekah Winch and Delilah”

Our kitty, Mia, is a rescue cat and so we’re not sure of her past, but she’s always been quite wary and insecure.

When we first adopted her a few years ago she mewed in terror the entire drive home. In fact despite her being a very loved and cuddled cat, she’s mewed in terror to every vet … visit or other outing we’ve had to take her to the entire time we’ve had her. Except for yesterday when she had her groom with Aristocats. She mewed in terror all the way there, but after having been pampered, groomed, loved, washed and dried by the team, she spent the ride back in our car with that purry contented eyes-half-closed look that cats get when they’re feeling really nice about themselves.

Perhaps it has something to do with the feeling that a cat gets when it is cleaned by something other than its own spit, but we suspect it has more to do with the considerate professionalism and cat-whispering skills.

We can’t recommend them enough to anyone who loves their pet and wants them to have a lovely experience being groomed.


“Jesse and Nicole, Kenmore”

Our sensitive – sometimes skittish – sweet little cat had her first appointment with Aristocats today for her annual lion clip, and I was very impressed with the service.
After calling a number of groomers very last minute on Friday to find an opening for our Ragdoll today, they managed to slot us in first thing this morning to my delight.
Upon arrival we were given a warm, reassuring and very friendly welcome.
After they took the time to give me a thorough breakdown of  policies and procedures, they had a quick look at our lovely fur ball up close, and I was happy to leave our little girl in their hands – confident she would be treated well.
As it turned out, our madam had picked up a few fleas and I was immediately called and notified before any further steps were taken. After a few hours, I picked up our relaxed, well-groomed, flea-free cat, who is now sitting on the couch next to me like Cleopatra when normally this experience would have her hiding in the wardrobe for the next 6hours.

All our thanks to Aristocats – we’ll definitely be seeing you again.


“Laura Peterson”

Who knew a short hair cat would need grooming. I learnt a lot from the Aristocats website and the service has not disappointed. Although it’s a 45 minute drive, I take my British Shorthair for a bath, blowdry and groom out every six weeks and she comes back smelling divine and feeling super soft. Asking the team, apparently she even purrs while they are grooming her! Treat your furbaby to a groom by Aristocats.


“Coralie M” 

I’m another Northsider who has no worries driving to Kenmore to get the ginger furball groomed.
The Aristocats team are fabulous at what they do. Rango refused to have a bath at home, but apparently was calm as when he was there.
Separate cat grooming shows the professionalism from the start.


“Leigh Jose”

My gorgeous cat had his lion clip today with Aristocats, he looks amazing and smells fantastic. Would definitely recommend these guys who are very professional and obviously love the cats that come into their care. Thank you


“Wendy Radziejowski “

Aristocats did a fantastic job on my little balls of fluff. My cat’s coats are shiny and so smooth. I would definitely recommend getting your cats groomed with Aristocats. The staff are great and very friendly and really care about my cats.



Aristocats does an amazing job on my Black Persian cat – Jewel, and 2 Maine Coon kitties – Febe and Deon. They come home all shiny and soft! I recommend anyone who has a cat to get them groomed here! Awesome groom and shave, and everyone is so lovely there, they take the time to care and talk over anything that may help to keep them looking and feeling amazing! Thanks guys! 🙂