Aristocats Feline Day Spa is fully booked for this year and into next. Any new enquiries will be added to our waitlist and will be contacted on a weekly basis if or when any appointments become available. Please state in your enquiry if you would like a single, Non Member appointment or if you would like to join our Monthly or Bi-Monthly membership program and have your cat's grooming needs maintained all year round.


Groom Outs - De-Shedding Treatment

groom out gallery 1
groom out gallery 2
groom out gallery 3
groom out gallery 4
groom out gallery 5

Lions Clips

lion clip gallery 1
lion clip gallery 2
lion clip gallery 4
short coat lion clip

Comb Outs

Longer clip, only available for cats with no knots or matts in their coat

comb cut gallery 5
comb cut gallery 1
comb cut gallery 4
comb cut gallery 2
comb cut gallery 3

Toe Tuft Trim

toe tuft trim 2

Soft Paws Nail Caps

soft paws nail caps 4
soft paws nail caps 1
soft paws nail caps 3