Aristocats Feline Day Spa is fully booked for this year and into next. Any new enquiries will be added to our waitlist and will be contacted on a weekly basis if or when any appointments become available. Please state in your enquiry if you would like a single, Non Member appointment or if you would like to join our Monthly or Bi-Monthly membership program and have your cat's grooming needs maintained all year round.

About Us

Aristocats Feline Day Spa is a cat exclusive grooming salon – which means there are no dogs, EVER.  Our cat grooming service is provided without the use of any sedation.

Our groomers are fully trained cat groomers, that love what we do.  We are not just grooming cats because we have been asked to, we are doing it because we genuinely love grooming cats.

We believe that every cat deserves to look their best and be treated kindly.  Cat grooming is a very specialised skill and doing it properly takes a lot of time and training to learn.  We have specialised in cat grooming for over 10 years and have a large number of loyal clients that love how we groom and treat their cats.

Our mission statement is to create happy and healthy relationships between cats and their people through regular preventative skin and coat maintenance.  Our membership system will enable us to bring this mission to life by creating space and flexibility for regular appointments for all our members.

Aristocats is a “members only” salon! 

This is in response to an overwhelming demand for regular monthly appointments by existing clients and our current inability to fit these cats into our schedule!

         What are the benefits of membership?

  • You can book an appointment up to a day before you need it (no lengthy waiting times);
  • Choose your preferred day for grooming;
  • Easy, manageable payments made monthly (no $50 Direct Deposit payments required!);
  • Change your appointments easily on line;
  • Lock in your grooming price – regular one-off grooming fees will be increasing in November 2019 for non-members to $220.

What are the membership packages?

There are two different types of packages to choose from:

Diamond Package:  $160 per month (for long or short coated cats) entitles you to a deluxe grooming session including bath, blow dry, groom, comb cut, de-shedding treatment, toe-tuft trim, sanitary trim AND soft paws every month. Available monthly or bi-monthly. $160 per visit ($80 per month for bi-monthly)  

Sapphire Package: $100 per month (for short-coated cats only) entitles you to a bath and blow dry with a de-shedding treatment AND soft paws (optional) every month.

***Please note that we have a limited number of memberships available and as soon as we have reached that number we will not be offering any non-member appointments.  All current non-members will be required to pay $220 per appointment per cat and appointments will be offered via a waitlist. ***

How do I sign up?

Please send us an email to or text us on 0478 661 877 and we can help you get set up with a Direct Debit form.

Remember, a well groomed cat is a Happy cat!