Aristocats Feline Day Spa is fully booked for this year and into next. Any new enquiries will be added to our waitlist and will be contacted on a weekly basis if or when any appointments become available. Please state in your enquiry if you would like a single, Non Member appointment or if you would like to join our Monthly or Bi-Monthly membership program and have your cat's grooming needs maintained all year round.

Cat Grooming Myths

Cats don't like water

Majority of cats tolerate water very well & a lot even enjoy it. A bath at home when you are anxious about your cat’s behaviour is a very different experience to a bath with a professionally trained cat groomer who knows how to handle cats.

Cats don't like the blow dryer

Some cats may take a few moments to get used to the dryer, however most cats settle into the process & believe it or not actually find it relaxing. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below.

Short haired cats don't need grooming

Short haired cats shed a LOT. We have many owners who bring in their short hair cats for regular grooming. A bath, blow dry & de shed treatment can reduce shedding by up to 80%. A lion clip reduces evidence of shedding even further.

Cats groom themselves

Cats lick themselves all over, then they leave their discarded fur all over your house & clothes. Cats have greasy coats that shed, combined with licking this creates knots, mats & a dirty smelly coat. Cats who “groom” themselves without help can develop hairballs, which they also tend to leave all over your house and clothes and can cause serious health issues for your cat. A cat “grooming” itself is no comparison to a professional groom including a bath and blow dry.

My cat is nervous and will freak out

Many timid cats do well with the grooming process, in fact they often surprise their owners with how well they settle into the whole groom. Our experience and training allows us to identify a stressed cat and we can use alternative techniques if required.

You won't be able to groom my cat

We have skills & techniques on how to handle even the most aggressive cats. We are happy to assess any cat, whatever their temperament and we will tell you if we can’t groom them! (There are only a small percentage of cats we can’t/won’t groom but we need to asses each cat to determine that)

My cat needs to be sedated to be groomed

We do not sedate any cats that we groom. With the correct training & techniques, even the most aggressive or timid cat can be safely groomed without sedation. A small amount of cats actually NEED to be sedated for grooming and if we come across one, we are happy to refer onto a vet who can do the procedure.

My cat is too old

We regularly groom 18+ year old cats. It is very important to have older cats regularly groomed, as due to old age and loss of mobility they are often unable to maintain their coats themselves. Older cats seem to really appreciate being groomed as it often brings added comfort to them. They also seem to appreciate being clean!

We can tell you over and over again about the amazing results you will experience having your cat groomed by Aristocats. The only way you will ever know for a fact is to bring your cats in to see us. We know you will love the results.