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Sarah is so knowledgeable and experienced. My Ragdoll Fleur absolutely adores her! Sarah does such a good job and we both love going in to see her. This is my first time owning a long haired cat and she had such good advice not only on taking care of her coat but also training her. She never made me feel stupid or inexperienced as a cat owner and I know I can ask anything while I’m there. I’m so lucky to have a service like this so close to me. I recommend Sarah to all my cat owner friends and family and even strangers! Pictured is Fleur with her sparkly pink claw covers!

“Sarah McKinnon”

I must join in and add my praises to the many before me whose precious animals have been cared for by Sarah. Like many, we worried how our two year old Maine Coons – a huge male and a slightly smaller female – would like having their first ever full bath and blow dry, never mind the belly shave they both needed because I was slack and let the poor things develop some matting under their forelegs and bellies……sigh. Well, like everyone else, we needn’t have worried. We arrived to pick up two very calm and happy looking cats, who looked just beautiful with their clean mat free fur and nicely shaved bellies that we can start with afresh and not let get matted again. Thank you so much Sarah, you really are a gem!!!


“Chrissy McDonnell”

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Stop feeling embarrassed about the cat

You know your cat doesn’t look like it fits the rest of your life.

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Your cat isn’t grooming itself, and you don’t have the time to do it for them.

Healthy relationships between people and their cats are built through regular skin and coat maintenance that leaves a cat looking absolutely gorgeous.

At Aristocats Feline Day Spa, we know you want to be the cat owner everyone envies. In order to do that, you need your cat to fit everything else in your life. The problem is your cats looks messy and unkempt  which makes you feel a bit guilty. We believe no one should ever feel that their cat is cramping their style.

We understand. We know what that feels like,  which is why we are Brisbane’s most sought after feline-exclusive day spa.

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