Each cat that comes into our salon will be bathed and blow dried to remove the build-up of grease from their coats. They will then be thoroughly combed through to remove loose fur. In addition to this there is a number of other add on services that we can provide to help improve the health and well being of your cat

A guide to our prices are below:

  • Long Hair Coat Groom
  • $70

  • Long Hair Full Coat Groom Includes bath & blow dry, nails trimmed, mini sanitary clip, ears & eyes cleaned & face trim if required
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  • Lion Clip
  • $125

  • Lion Clip includes complimentary bath & blow dry, nails trimmed, ears & eyes cleaned, full body clip
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  • Comb Cut
  • $140

  • Comb Cut includes complimentary bath & blow dry, nails trimmed, ears & eyes cleaned & a longer clip
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Add Ons – Only Available With A Bath

Groom out/De shed $22.00
Belly Shave $22.00
Toe Tuft Trim $12.00
Ruff Trim $12.00
Sanitary Clip $15.00

Additional Services

Soft Paws Front Only (Nail Caps) $20.00
Soft Paws Back Only (Nail Caps) $18.00
Soft Paws Front & Back (Nail Caps) $32.00

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are a guide only; quotes will be given once we have seen your cat. Any cats with long coat who are over 8kg will be charged an extra $15.  Those presented with knots, matting, fleas, are excessively dirty or take longer to groom due to behaviours will incur a higher fee.

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