Each cat that comes into our salon will be bathed and blow dried to remove the build-up of grease from their coats. They will then be thoroughly combed through to remove loose fur. In addition to this there is a number of other add on services that we can provide to help improve the health and well being of your cat

Many of our happy customers invest in soft paws for their cats, to help protect them from destructive behaviour and nasty scratches from needle sharp nails. Based on the size of your kitten, soft paws are recommended for kittens over 6 months of age.

A guide to our prices are below:

  • Long Hair Coat Groom
  • $80

  • Long Hair Full Coat Groom Includes bath & blow dry, nails trimmed, mini sanitary clip, ears & eyes cleaned & face trim if required
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  • Lion Clip
  • $139

  • Lion Clip includes complimentary bath & blow dry, nails trimmed, ears & eyes cleaned, full body clip
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  • Comb Cut
  • $149

  • Comb Cut includes complimentary bath & blow dry, nails trimmed, ears & eyes cleaned & a longer clip
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Add Ons – Only Available With A Bath

Groom out/De shed $24.00
Belly Shave $24.00
Toe Tuft Trim $13.00
Ruff Trim $13.00
Sanitary Clip $16.00

Additional Services

Soft Paws Front Only (Nail Caps) $21.00
Soft Paws Back Only (Nail Caps) $19.00
Soft Paws Front & Back (Nail Caps) $34.00

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are a guide only; quotes will be given once we have seen your cat. Any cats with long coat who are over 6kg will be charged an extra $16.  Those presented with knots, matting, fleas, are excessively dirty or take longer to groom due to behaviours will incur a higher fee.

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